Building Bespoke Football Betting System

Finding the best football betting strategy can mean the difference between struggling and succeeding at TonyBet sports betting. While there isn’t a foolproof method for betting on football games, there are approaches that can improve your odds of success.

The ideal football sports betting strategy is one that you can repeat often and that makes sense to you, as we’ll emphasise throughout this page. Continue reading, and we’ll give you the resources you need to select the football betting methods and tactics you may employ throughout every football season.

Statistics Analysis 

You could theoretically create a football betting strategy without ever seeing a single game, though we wouldn’t advise it. Many gamblers believe that the figures are accurate. One significant benefit of basing your wagers exclusively on statistical analysis is that you’ll avoid introducing any unconscious biases into your decision-making, which should result in a more objective understanding of the game.

Important Tip 

Football Betting System

Deciding which statistical analyses to apply when placing football bets is difficult. Your brain might spin if you dig down far enough. Finding the statistics that actually make a difference in football matchups should be your objective.

Here are a few statistics that we believe you ought to look into:

Yards Per Play

 You could be duped by games where teams ran a lot (or maybe just a little) of plays if you place too much emphasis on overall yardage. To truly understand how effective a club has been, stick with yards per play on both offence and defence.

Possession Period 

This is a stat that is often overlooked, and game-specific circumstances can surely skew it. However, if you monitor a team’s time of possession throughout a season, you’ll begin to notice how well they do on offense to keep the ball out of their opponents’ hands and how swiftly they clear the field on defense. Football success typically results from constantly combining the two abilities.


Football Betting System

Teams that commit numerous penalties put an unfair amount of strain on themselves. Do that frequently enough, and it will eventually start to affect the game’s conditions. Teams that don’t incur many penalties, though, can profit from their poise.

Proportion of Sacks

How frequently a team sacks the quarterback in comparison to how frequently an opponent drops back to pass is a strong indicator of how effective its defence is. How well a team can protect the quarterback is the opposite of that. These abilities are essential for teams that wish to succeed in a sport where the passing game is king, both in college and on the professional level.


When employing statistics to build a betting strategy for football, one thing you should constantly watch out for is that statistics aren’t static. For instance, turnovers are a statistic that frequently swings greatly from team to team and year to year, indicating that it is not a valid indicator. 

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