The 5 best sports betting tipsters

In this guide you will meet the best betting tipsters, the main forecasting channels on Telegram and you will learn how to use the forecasts.

Anyone who bets regularly has heard of tipsters, that figure that offers us interesting bets or predictions. Since the regularization of sports betting in Spain, tipsters have proliferated on the web, especially on social networks. It is a very interesting figure for our bets, but it also generates doubts in many users, especially those that are paid.

Are you willing to pay for betting advice? Not everyone is clear. In this guide we are going to meet the best tipsters in Spain, as well as the key aspects of this figure.

Ranking of the best tipsters

Ranking of the best tipsters

Our first advice is to always choose the best tipster. Then we can open the debate about whether a premium tipster or a free tipster is better, but we should stay with the home tipsters. The reason is simple, they offer us forecasts from the best bookmakers where we can play in Spain. Also, they do it in our language. On the other hand, the best tipsters from other countries will use bookies from their country, which may not operate in Spain, and logically your information may not be useful to us.

Today, it is a bit absurd to opt for a foreign tipster because he is specialized in the sports of that country. If you search a bit, you will find tipsters in Spanish specialized in all the leagues or sports you can imagine, from expert Scandinavian soccer tipsters to horse tipsters or NBA tipsters. We have analyzed the tipsters in Spain, whether they are free, paid or freemium, specialized in one sport or several, new and veteran, and we have prepared this ranking with the best tipsters.

Every day of the League, the Champions League, the Copa del Rey or when the national team plays you will have the most interesting predictions. But you will also find picks on basketball, cycling, the Super Bowl and even events like Eurovision. A complete offer, with forecasts that are usually between €1.70 and €2.00 and that are complemented by safe bets, bets with good odds where there is nothing to lose and a funbet. And best of all, it’s free.

Betting thinker

One of the oldest websites in the sector. PensApuestas has been offering forecasts since 2010, before the Gambling Law was approved, and has several tipsters, specialized in soccer, basketball, motorcycles, tennis, indoor soccer or eSports who share their forecasts for free. In addition, it launches challenges from time to time and has a VIP channel -under subscription- where we can access more picks. Still, there is a good volume of free picks, and they publish on a regular basis.


A specialist in Spanish football, he is another legend of the best tipsters in Spanish: he has been forecasting since 2010. And, except for 2018, he has finished in green every year. She is a freemium tipster, which offers users three subscription levels: free, premium and private group -the latter closed 2018 in green-. Free users receive one pick a week between September and May -in addition to 4 free with registration-, premium users receive between 20 and 50 picks per month and in the private group -up to 30 people- they receive between 10 and 30 additional forecasts to the premiums.

Einstein Analysts

Einstein Analysts

He is one of the most interesting tipsters today. He came to Telegram in 2021, although before that he already shared his picks on Instagram (also links to watch football for free, so his account was closed). He usually shares football bets, also some tennis, on his Telegram channel, where he has more than 2,000 followers. He usually offers reliable predictions, although the odds are not always the best. He has a Premium channel that he usually invites to participate in challenges or to enter with his affiliates in betting houses.

ML Analysts

We could summarize this group as the application of artificial intelligence to sports betting. Formed by a group of engineers, they forecast markets such as corners (soccer), aces (tennis), points (basketball) based on statistical analysis, etc. In addition, bets based on privileged information, single or combined bets. He is a freemium tipster: he has a free channel on Telegram, but also a paid one.

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